Live Songs of War

Apologies to Eric Crespo whose beautiful The Ballad of the Drowned escaped recording.
All Abouts:
In My Spare Time” Read by Vanessa Kauffman
In My Spare Time by Iraqi poet, Fadhil al-Azzawi is a poem that illuminates the importance of dreaming. When thinking about the kind of poem that I wanted to share in Occupation/Preoccupation, I sought poetry that had a voice allowing for an authentic recognition about the confusion of war and one's personal responsibility for reaction. This poem very much takes me out of one claimed space, and puts me into a place where I can envision (with so much want) a global humanity. The sharing of music and poetry during wartime remains hugely important, as it points to the borderless desire to disseminate information and ideas. This is where our hope lives. I am most effected by this poem's visual suggestions that nations are not permanently divisive of peaceful cultivation or human connectedness. Translated from Arabic by Khaled Mattawa, from Miracle Maker: The Selected Poems of Fadhil Al-Azzawi.

Paul Cienfuegos
i'll be singing one song, from dick gaughan, from scotland. he's a prominent political song writer there who's been writing music since 1970. his songs have been recorded by many, including: Billy Bragg, Christy Moore, Mary Black, Roy Bailey and Capercaillie.He lists his greatest influences as Karl Marx and Groucho Marx.
the song is called "think again". the first line is "do you think that the russians want war?", about the cold war between the US and the then-soviet union.
paul has been singing acupella since he was a kid, and dreams of doing standup comedy about corporate rule.

Posie Currin:
the song I selected is a rendition of a Liberian Hipco song 'Tru Storry'
When asked if I would like to participate in the project I instantly thought of my sister's best friend who works for the CIA and recently got transferred to West Africa. I began to research Liberia and familiarizing myself with the countries troubled past founded by it's long political relationship with the US and the American Colonization Society who help establish the Republic of Liberia in 1847. After the civil war ended in 2003 it took only 3 years before the US African Command settled their main military base in Liberia, the only African Republic that would support the US military defense project. The United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM or AFRICOM) is a Unified Combatant Command of the United States Department of Defense that is responsible for U.S. military operations and military relations with 53 African nations - an area of responsibility covering all of Africa except Egypt.

Warren Lee
The song I'm playing (with Mary on violin) on Friday is by an Iraqi musician by the name of Bawin, and so far I've found absolutely no information on him. Some friends who speak arabic have been helping me track down more info on him, but at this moment, all I know is that the song is called "Ya Binaya Goumi" and is in the popular chobi style.

I chose the song because of its beauty, but also because of the reality that I know so little about Iraq.

from the Wikipedia entry on Iraqi popular music:

"Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq and fall of Saddam Hussein, some militant extremists have been attacking musicians, especially those in the port city of Basra, where Shia extremists are believed to be responsible... Music shops in the Summar district have been the target of grenade bombings. Religious leaders have closed some of the concert halls and clubs in the city."

Debra Mclean:
I picked this song written by Buffy Sainte Marie a Canadian Cree in 1965 .The song reminds us that the decision to oppress other human beings or to nurture them rests in each one of us. We can choose a peaceful or warlike stance.

“How Could Anyone Ever Tell You” Simmons Rose
Simmons Rose (Yvonne & Mary) have been singing "How Could Anyone..." by Libby Rodericks for 15 years. Yvonne has sung it in (former) Yugoslavia, Peru & where ever she has worked for peace. Mary sings it at Women Studies classes & WILPF meetings. Together they sing Libby's song in several languages to help people unite in empowering harmony. It's simple tune & repeating phrase encourage participation & individual strength. We hope folks will join us in singing tonight.

9/13/11: (Tracks 3-9)



Based on a "Flashpoints" interview with Dennis Bernstein & Dave Lindorff.

directed & animated by
Chris Fontaine

produced by

Origin Tale by The Sea and The Mother

Shortly after the Occupation / Preoccupation TBA room opened, Dao Strom contacted us with this beautiful original song about the American war in Vietnam and based on a folktale of the origin of the Vietnamese people:
a song written by dao strom ~ I wrote this song based on a folktale about the origin of the Vietnamese people. Out of a union between a faerie princess of the mountains and a dragon king of the sea, 100 children were born. But mother & father could not stay together, so they divided the children between them. Fifty would stay with their mother in the mountains, fifty would follow their father - south - to the sea... From the children of this union arose the first Viet tribes. But in my era this legend became transposed to sing the story of division and exodus that arose out of the Vietnam War of the late 20th century... We divided into North/South in 1955, we divided again (sending Southerners into & across seas) in 1975.... This song is highly personal to me but I wrote it even more so to speak to the collective experience of the group and moment in history I was born into. In this history much blood has been shed, a lot of debt racked up (spiritual, physical, environmental, psychological), much destruction enacted, on all sides, all for the sake of being able to claim a name, a belonging, a concept of belonging, the illusion of owning - rights, namesake, nation. 
For these reasons as well as my own personal ones, it seems important to me that this song now go out to the world unfettered, free, shareable, belonging not even to me anymore, but to all of us. Myth - I believe - evolves with our understanding of myths; and new myths and revisions of myths are needed, from time to time, to help us evolve, truly liberated. I am only this tale's re-telling of the moment, and my hope is that others will begin to revisit and rewrite the tale for themselves, and in this way we may help the brothers and sisters of the original legend (in spirit at least) to come together again.....
This song is for my people, on all of our shores.
I invite you to download, share, translate, excerpt, etc. as long as the work is duly credited back to its source and is shared for non-commercial use only. ( More on the story of this song can be found here: www.daostrom.wordpress.com ).
ORIGIN TALE (a song)
Mountain mother
mourning all her rivers
that flow with the blood of soldiers
the children who remain pick up the pieces
they plant the seeds 
Dragon father
you always were so restless
so you took half of the children
and you led them south to the seashore
where you taught them freedom 
Mother is crying
but her tears fall as drops of ink
so Mother she cries a newspaper
and her sorrow is only documentary 
newsreels tell me
what to feel
because I don’t know
what is real
t.v. communicates our rage
but a death count is
all that speaks
our sadness 
Sister searches high and low for her Brother
she once knew in the north
while Brother he writes long letters home
“is a flag not but a piece of cloth?” 
tell me
what you saw that night
when the bomb’s fire
with the starlight
thought I was witnessing
the end
of my Time
but then I learned
that the guilty
((we will suffer no more))
((we will not carry your war))

She is donating all proceeds from sales of this song to benefit DVAN and the Adapt/Pacific Links Foundation which promote arts and artists of the Vietnamese Diaspora (created by the exodus of the South Vietnamese during and after the United States' war there) and raise awareness and work to stop human trafficking in Vietnam, respectively.


Peaces Knot War

The kitschy catchiness of kitty cat imagery when combined with text has become perhaps the most potent form of today's Meme, verily mediating popular imagination into a state of lackadaisical passivity. These complex cats aim to function au contraire to the newly traditionalized virile memes proliferating faux-freely on the World Wide Innernet. The quotes chosen "speak out' against the content and context of their own marginalized voice box. Please read and spread carefreely;~}}}}
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Never Forget 9/8/11

More snippets of Actions for When One's Father Owns the Manor House
Performed 2pm-2am 9/8/11. Astounding:!0)))))